Director of Family Ministry

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    Other Area(s)
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    Richmond, Virginia
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    Direct hire


At Movement Church, our vision is that every Partner (what we call our members) be discipled to become more like Jesus and to live sent out as his missionary people. We want to see people led to Jesus and connected to the movement of God. From the young children to the retired, we want every partner to live intentionally as a disciple who makes disciples. The Director of Family Ministry will focus primarily on our children and students and their families. Realizing that children and students represent a significant part of our church to be sent out, we are driven to develop a more intentional discipleship and sending strategy that’s specifically designed for this next generation of sent ones.

The Director of Family Ministry will lead the development of content, activities, and plans for MKids, Youth, and College-Age young adults. This doesn’t just mean impacting our kids—it means partnering with their parents and families, too. A significant aspect of leading in these key ministry areas will include the mentoring, shepherding, and guiding of volunteers and ministry team leaders. The Director of Family Ministry will be the “guardian of the DNA” for our family ministries. He or she will define and protect an overarching purpose and strategy, so all age groups are working toward a common goal. Currently, the greatest need among the three focus areas is within the student discipleship ministry. Because of this, the priority of hands-on involvement and activity for the Director of Family Ministry will initially be dedicated to the development and implementation of a healthy student ministry along with a thriving student ministry team.

• Effective communicator
• Coordination across multiple teams
• Experienced disciple-maker
• Leadership skills
• Strategic thinker
• Administratively minded
• Developer of people and teams
•Understands the spiritual and physical developmental needs of kids, students, and college-age young adults

• MKids, Youth, and College-Age Ministries
• Development and execution of a holistic discipleship strategy
• Equipping families
• Recruiting, training, and developing volunteers

As with every pastor/director role at Movement church, 70% of time and energy will be dedicated to the primary tasks and responsibilities of the role while up to 30% will be available to serve in other administrative, leadership, and operational functions of the church.


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