The State of STEM and How It Impacts Your Hiring Pool

science-technology-engineering-mathThere’s a significant job market shortage of people with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) backgrounds, but employers know that the future of the economy is in STEM. The goal of STEM is to encourage and foster intellectual, entrepreneurial and technical talent so that the jobs of tomorrow can be sufficiently met.

One of the biggest challenges employers currently face is the fact that STEM-capable candidates are turning away from STEM occupations at every level. The numbers are sobering:

  • More than 75% of qualified STEM candidates never pursue related careers.
  • Nearly 40% of students who begin college with a STEM major do not graduate with one.
  • Over 80% of college graduates with a STEM-related degree do not have a job waiting for them after graduation.
  • More than 45% of candidates who have a BS degree in a STEM discipline leave the field after 10 years.

Despite all this, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in STEM-related occupations will grow to over 9 million by 2022, with a 17% increase by 2018 alone. What does that mean for your business? In order to grow, your company needs people who are able to drive innovation, so connecting with potential hires who have STEM backgrounds is crucial. IT staffing companies can help.

Not-So-Usual Business

Business as usual just won’t cut it in today’s competitive hiring climate, so you’ll need to employ effective STEM employment strategies if you hope to win over the best talent from a shrinking pool of candidates. If your firm has trouble finding qualified STEM candidates, you are not alone. Nearly all companies have STEM-specific positions that remain unfilled.

The biggest problem is that most STEM workers are already employed by other companies. While the majority may be interested in moving their careers ahead, many do not make the effort to actively seek new positions. Smart companies will be proactive and go to these candidates with offers and opportunities they can’t refuse.

Attract Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are not disinterested candidates, with many of them open to the idea of a new position. Seeking them out should be a major aspect of your STEM sourcing strategy. Passive candidate recruiting can be the best way for your company to find the ideal candidate with the skill sets and team approach you’re looking for.

One of the best ways to find and target qualified but passive STEM candidates is through specialized IT staffing companies. IT Staffing companies have access to a large network of local and national STEM candidates who are already working but may not be active on job boards, websites or recruitment fairs. Working together with such a recruiter is a smart and inventive strategic approach to STEM-based talent acquisition.

Incendia can help you overcome the current STEM shortage and put top STEM talent on your team. Let us show you how.