The Dailey Take – A Recruiter’s perspective on employment during Covid-19: Introduction

Thanks COVID — here we are four months into the year 2020, and it has already solidified its place in future history books. We are currently living what will most likely be one of the most bizarre periods of our lives, and it’s safe to say we are all equally confused with no clear site of what’s to come in the next few months. However, there is one subject that has made itself clear in all of this, and that is the difficulties in maintaining a functioning workplace – and the risk it carries into our employment.

As a recruiting firm based right outside of Boston, my team and I at Incendia Partners have observed first-hand just how many different ways coronavirus is impacting our work-lives. We have spent the past few weeks figuring out what routes we can take to be as reactive and proactive as possible with every person we work with, and this includes our future prospects we have yet to meet. Of course, we are working tirelessly at this time to put out our own fires sparked from the pandemic, but this in no way has impacted the amount of empathy we have for those struggling with their own job search.

I started my position only a few weeks before COVID-19 rushed the world, so my sourcing and recruiting foundations began, and have continued, to build around this unusual economic climate. As an unexperienced recruiter, I might not bring the wisdom and insight to the table that we all need right now, but who’s to say anyone has that? Very few could say they’ve been through a historical event as unique as this one, and there’s no guidebook on what steps to take. This is why I believe it is the best time for Job Seekers to do in-depth research on what it takes to be noticed above others.

After spending some time discussing different ideas to help Job Seekers right now, my team came to the conclusion that the most effective way to do so is to start a new section of our blog to share ideas straight from a recruiter’s perspective. We spend a significant amount of time searching for new ways to connect with clients and candidates that we can help, and with COVID cases continuing to rise, it is an important time to offer everyone our tips on how to properly utilize networking techniques and maximize their chances of job placement.

As a new set of eyes, I’ve had the advantage of learning how to search for candidates using methods that are directly adapted to the increase of unemployment, so I feel what I have to offer is valuable to those who are stuck. Sharing what we as recruiters are searching for right now is one of the best ways, I believe we can help those struggling to find a job. So, to anyone beginning, continuing, and even nearing the end of their job hunt — I will be sending out periodic blog-posts that pertain to job hunting in COVID-America, and what you can do to advance your own search.

It may sound like a cliché, but we are all in this together. Even if it’s from a distance of 6 feet, it’s evident that nobody can get through this mess alone, we need each other. I hope to bring you some useful information in the coming weeks, and I encourage anyone to reach out to me with their own ideas on what steps we can all take right now to keep moving forward.

Please comment, ask questions, tag your friends and colleagues, send relatable posts – do anything to provide me more insight from different perspectives – nothing can be useless at this point, we all need any help we can get. Let’s navigate this together and use each other to prove just how resilient humans are. Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs, and please stay safe!