How to Make Your Job Application More Atractive for Recruiting Engineers

software-engineersIt seems that connecting with top-tier engineering talent gets tougher every day. The best candidates no longer respond to traditional methods, which makes finding them a real challenge. Companies now need to take a more proactive approach to reach and connect with them. One way to make recruiting engineers a successful endeavor is by making your job application process more attractive.

Recruiting Engineers with Better Job Applications

Many employers feel it should be simple to attract great engineering candidates, but that’s rarely the case. The cream-of-the-crop candidates always have a wide range of options and they can afford to be picky about what jobs they accept, let alone apply for. If you want to attract the best, you may need to change the way your company recruits candidates. Here’s what it takes.

The New Normal: Inbound Recruiting

The idea of inbound recruiting comes from the marketing world. It focuses on building relationships and works by making the hiring process as simple and enjoyable for candidates as possible. The challenge is in keeping it easy, but making it attractive to those potential hires you most desire.

  • Clear job descriptions are a must. Don’t fill them with incomprehensible jargon that leaves an applicant confused as to what job they’re actually applying for. If the applicant can’t figure out if they’re qualified for the opening, they’re more than likely to just abandon the application.
  • Eliminate your time-consuming application process. Online systems can be convenient for employers and candidates alike. Unfortunately job seekers often run into technical problems and find themselves answering questions that they’ve already covered in their uploaded resume. Candidates who have a lot of options aren’t going to waste their time with an application process that is unnecessarily drawn out.
  • Be upfront about salary. Engineers know what they’re worth, and they know the going rates for their skills. Don’t wait until it’s time to make an offer. If you don’t want to post the salary in the description, be sure to discuss it in the phone interview. You’ll attract strong candidates who appreciate both your candor and respect for their experience.
  • Show some consideration. Speaking of respect, don’t cancel face-to-face meetings at the last minute and don’t take your focus off the candidate during an interview. Who wants to work for a company that doesn’t do its best to impress at the start?
  • Ask the right questions. For engineering positions, keep the majority of them related to the position. Strong candidates want to offer information about their background, education and experience, as well as what they will bring to your organization.

What Engineers Want

Engineers are attracted to positions that are associated with innovation and prestige. They look at companies with an eye towards which one will be the best fit for their special talents and will also allow them to build their career. If it’s time for your company to get serious about recruiting engineers, let Incendia show you the best way to find your new hire today.