5 Benefits of Hiring Software Engineer Contractors

As a Manager responsible for recruiting and hiring the best software engineers for your company’s software engineering and IT projects, I’m sure you’ve discovered that the best talent is both already working and committed to another company or busy working on contract assignments of their own.  If you frequently find it hard to find top …

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Interviewing Tip: Can you ask too many questions in an interview?

The process of interviewing can be intimidating. What you wear, how you carry yourself, and even your level of eye-contact can all have a major impact on the interaction.  It’s natural to be nervous and in fact, the more you think you want the job, the more nervous you might get.  One of the best ways …

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Interviewing Tip: Always say “YES” to the glass of water.

Interviewing for a new job can be a nerve-racking experience. There’s often a lot riding on you getting that job.  During the interview, some people may start to sweat, their hands visibly shake, or they get dry mouth. There are many interviewing tips out there but one that rarely gets mentioned is to always accept …

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