Big Development Job Coming Up? Why Temporary Employment Agencies May Be the Best Solution

temporary-employmentIT firms often find themselves with a big development job on the horizon that their current staff doesn’t have the time, expertise or resources to handle. That’s when temporary employment agencies can step in to offer a project-based solution.

Project-Based Staffing

An experienced temporary employment agency will pull together the right people with the specific skill sets you need for any size project. They offer in-depth candidate vetting that includes thorough applicant screening, preliminary interviews, skills testing, background checks, and reference and education verification.

The new flexible and contingent workforce has become an essential part of the IT industry. Project-based, or temporary, staffing solutions offer a significant advantage to your business:

  • Cost-Effective Flexibility. Your employees are your greatest assets, but they’re also your biggest expense. A smart IT staffing strategy is one that includes project-based personnel who allow your firm to adjust the expense of employee staffing up or down as your project schedule demands. The result is the flexibility to add or subtract contingent team members as needed with no added worries about severance packages or unemployment expenses.
  • Temp to Permanent. At the end of a big project, you may choose to hire one or more of the temporary workers as a full-time team member. The decision is made easier for you, as you’ve already had the opportunity to assess on-the-job performance.
  • Non-Employees. Temporary employment agencies act as the project-based employee’s employer. Your business does not pay any of the costs inherent to full-time hiring, including vacation time, health benefits, or taxes.

The Costs of Recruitment

When you take a look at the costs associated with a new hire, even for a short-term project, using a temporary staffing agency starts to look very smart indeed. Those costs can include:

  • Staff time for vetting, hiring, checking references and background checks
  • Compliance tracking and filing of government forms
  • Taxes such as FICA, federal and state
  • Worker’s comp and unemployment insurance
  • Benefits such as paid vacations, health, bonuses and pensions

It all adds up to temporary staffing being your best choice.

The Professional Temp

Specialized temporary employment agencies offer you more resources and better service. They tend to have access to highly qualified, industry-relevant candidates, with each one vetted to meet your specific skills and credentials criteria. Temporary employees have any number of reasons for seeking non-permanent work at any career stage. Some have relocated, while others want the flexibility temp work brings as they pursue a second, or even third degree. And some actually enjoy the continual change and job variability that comes with short-term contract projects. The bottom line is your firm has access to the industry’s top talent.

Your Short-Term Approach to Long-Term Success

Temporary staffing for one-time big development jobs is here to stay, and for good reason. Specialized temporary agencies bring you team members who possess the skills you need to keep your business flowing and your bottom line growing. Whether you need one person or an entire team, a temporary employment agency can help.