5 Benefits of Hiring Software Engineer Contractors

software-engineer-concept-people-front-many-computer As a Manager responsible for recruiting and hiring the best software engineers for your company’s software engineering and IT projects, I’m sure you’ve discovered that the best talent is both already working and committed to another company or busy working on contract assignments of their own.  If you frequently find it hard to find top talent, it might be time to consider hiring contractors.  Here’s why:

Contractors are flexible in their availability and expertise.

With contractors, you can increase your staff during busy times and decrease it during lean periods without the cost, inconvenience, and possible legal problems that come with layoffs.  If you often experience peaks and valleys in your software and IT projects, using contractors not only gives you more flexibility, but also provides the opportunity to try someone you may want to hire full-time in the future.

Contractors can quickly replace departing staff without a hitch.

If one a member of your team leaves, either voluntarily or through termination, a contractor provides a good stopgap measure to fill the void until (or if) you decide hire a full-time replacement. Develop a good relationship with an employment or staffing agency that deals with IT contractors and in some cases you can have a replacement as soon as the next day.

Contractors are affordable.

Even though hiring a contractor might cost more per hour, ultimately you will save money on benefits, contributions to Social Security and Medicare, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Contractors are the cream of the crop.

It’s impossible to hire (and afford) the world’s best of the best for every full-time position.  If the people you employ don’t have the skills necessary for a particular job, hiring a contractor allows you to find someone with the right certification, experience, and skill set. Hiring a person with specialized skills and experience allows you to get a project up and running without spending a lot time training and ramping up.

Contractors cure headaches.

Leave the aspirin at home. You’ll avoid headaches by using contractors. They won’t demand overtime pay, waste time, or take vacation. You’re getting the qualified candidates who will do the job right (the first time) at an agreed-upon rate for a specified amount of time.

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Benefits of hiring contractors