3 Things A Staffing Agency Can Do That You Can’t

it-staffingYou may have heard it all before: Staffing Agencies that tell you they’re different, are great at building relationships, and have a proprietary database. At Incendia, when we say those things, we really mean it.

Staffing Services that Deliver

Staffing agencies can add tremendous value to your organization’s talent acquisition strategies. A highly qualified firm is made up of true experts who not only understand your business, but respect your role in the hiring process. There are some things, though, that a Staffing Agency can do that you can’t. Here are three things we think are among the most important.

  1. Find Higher Quality Prospects

Staffing Agencies cover both the active and passive talent markets. That means they can find people you can’t, especially passive job seekers who give their information to the agency just in case “something great comes along.” The bottom line for you? You get a higher overall quality level with each new hire.

The top staffing agencies have a comprehensive recruiting process that goes far beyond job board listings. We know full well the challenges that hiring managers face, and we’re experts in sourcing and accessing top talent.

  1. Attract Top Talent

Some of the best talent out there is made up of the top passive candidates; that is, workers with three or more years of experience looking for first-rate third-party recruiters who will keep them up-to-date on opportunities at different firms. Your staffing agency should be one that these premium candidates seek out, and it should excel at dealing with those candidates.

Staffing services also have more time than you do to source passive candidates. Their exceptional recruiting skills are carefully honed over the years, enabling them to find you stronger candidates and hires. It also takes considerable effort and expertise to persuade passive candidates that your firm is worth the time spent at an interview.

  1. Save You Money

There are a lot of expenses that go into the cost of hiring a new employee, including advertising, interviewing, screening, hiring and training. A Staffing Agency offers a cost-effective option that greatly reduces the amount of time and money your organization spends. You also save by leveraging what the agency has already built in to its fees. In addition, delegating all these tasks to the experts lets you onboard your new team member more quickly. Finally, the top staffing firms offer guarantee periods that ensure delivery of stronger candidates who are more likely to stay with your firm, cutting down on churn.

No Need to Go It Alone

Every company’s talent acquisition process should consider using a quality staffing agency that meets these criteria. Such an agency cannot only help you find top talent, it will also help your firm revise and update job descriptions and compensation policies, as well as develop talent. Using a Staffing Agency helps you on all fronts, and you’ll soon see that as your screening & hiring process becomes more focused, overall company productivity increases.