3 Common Staffing Issues and Coming Up With Smart Solutions

staffing issuesToday’s economic climate presents companies with numerous staffing-related challenges that might have been unthinkable prior to the recession of 2008. Issues like human resources, health and safety, labor law, and sufficient staffing are now joined by a 24/7 business climate that requires constant innovation and adaptation.  In addition, companies are finding it more difficult than ever to find qualified candidates, as properly assessing and screening potential workers takes time—time that many companies say they need to devote to making strategic business decisions.

Businesses can solve these challenges fairly easily by partnering with a temporary staffing firm and utilizing their skills to face down these obstacles.  This way, businesses are able to keep their attention on their company’s bottom line.  Here are three common issues businesses face that can be solved by working with a temporary staffing firm.

Filling Specialized Skill Positions

In today’s competitive climate, businesses often find that their staff is lacking in certain areas that affect their bottom line.  For example, if they operate in, or do, business with foreign entities, they may need to have a bilingual employee; but not necessarily a full-time one.  Other specialized skills include IT project managers for short-term ventures that don’t necessitate a permanent hire.  Workers with specialized skills hired through a temporary staffing firm will fill a company’s staffing needs without increasing its overhead.

Seasonal Workload Fluctuations

Many companies have busy periods throughout the year where permanent employees are asked or expected to put in extra hours to help meet business goals. Although a common practice, it does not necessarily make the most fiscal sense.  Businesses are now rethinking the idea and have come to realize that temporary staffing can be used to beef up personnel levels during critical need times.  By doing so, they keep down overhead costs such as overtime pay, unemployment costs, and employee benefits.

Filling Critical Vacant Roles

When a business, through employee resignation or termination, suddenly finds itself without a key player, it can leave a big gap in the day-to-day functions of the company.  If the position is a senior one, it can even bring the company to a standstill.  What many companies may not realize is that temporary staffing firms fill more than entry or mid-level staffing positions; in fact they specialize more in providing highly-qualified senior-level candidates.  This offers an ideal solution, as it brings in individuals who are capable of keeping things up and running while a search is done for a full-time replacement. Another advantage? The temporary employee may turn out to be the perfect candidate for the job!

Partnering with a quality temporary staffing firm can be one of the smartest business decisions a company can make, as it allows it to remain focused on the core aspects of business, while having the search for qualified staff handled by the pros.